Prisoner Bicycle


 Intrepid Tartan 10 Racing Yacht

       Belmont Harbor, Chicago

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Al Gore

  Rover Green Initiatives

1. Rover is committed to reducing the use of bottled water. Crew bring their own refillable squeeze, aluminum or Nalgene water containers when possible
     and we keep a gallon jug or two aboard for refills.

2. Rover crew will walk, bike or use public transit to get to the harbor when feasible Ė easier, cheaper and sometimes faster.

3. Rover recycles. On the rare occasion when we drink beer or rum, we make sure the cans or bottles get to the recycling bin.

4. Rover will sail rather than motor whenever possible. This is an easy one when sailing is usually faster and more pleasant than motoring.

5. Rover does not use toxic bottom paint that leeches heavy metals. If you donít want toxic heavy metals in your drinking water, food or swimming water,
     why use it on your boat?

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